Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I've found a new site that I think I might apply to to try and sell my jewellery. It's called Stars and Infinate Darkness and has some really nice art stuff on it. It seems to be international so a good way to get my work seen. It's free so worth a go!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I'm remaking my engagement ring at the moment and I'm so excited cus it's nearly finished now just need to add stones! It was quite old fashioned in gold with claw settings and it just didn't suit the person I am today and as some of the settings needed to be redone I thought I would just completely rework it!! It was very scary chopping it up and taking to stones out but I'm really pleased with how it is coming along. I showed it to my friend Carla, who has a jewellery studio next to me, and she liked it! I'm going to add some of my original diamonds to it and Amethyst (mine & hubby's birth stone) and a Aquamarine (my boys birthstone). I'm not going to post a pic until it is all done but I'll keep you updated on the progress!! I'm going to be making the settings on Thursday so will let you know how it goes!!

I've also been making a ring commission. I lady bought a daisy necklace like the one on this page and wanted a ring to match. It's been quite good fun as I've been given quite a bit of freedom with the design. Will post a pic of it Thursday!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Hello and welcome to my little blog! I'm going to try and post details of my jewellery making. This week I did a comission to produce a medic alert bracelet for a teenage girl. I find it fun to do things a bit different from my normal day to day work. This proved a bit of challenge as I couldn't find a decent picture of the medic symbol. I got there in the end and this is a pic if the end result.