Monday, 4 May 2009

This is a ring I have done as a commission. The lady who ordered it bought my daisy pendant a few weeks ago and came back and asked for a ring to match. It was quite good fun as I was able to do what I wanted as long as it had a daisy on it. It's got a swirl texture on the top half and a marble texture on the back half. There are also some decorative bits at the back as I'm a bt of a fiddler when it comes to rings, I like to twist them around so I add bits to feel at the back of the ring!!

I'm off to London tomorrow to the Fashion and Textiles Museum!! They will hopefully be taking my jewellery for a 16wk exhibition, as long as the interview goes well! I'm really excited as I'm flying there, haven't been on a plane for ages (I don't get out much lol!!). My big sis Amy is coming with me which I am soo gratefull for as she is way more street smart than me! We thought we were sooo clever getting £2 tickets to Stanstead till we realised how far it is from the city lol!! Should be fun though! Will let you know how I get on!!

I've set the stones on my engagement ring! It's looking really nice, I just need to give it a good polish! I need to empty my tumbler of silver bits as I find that when I put something gold in with silver the silver ends up gold plated!!! Will def have a pic up this week!

Hope you have all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend! xx

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