Friday, 31 July 2009

Does anyone ever find that they have so much work to do that they just end up getting nothing done (in my case nothing except making lists of what needs to be done!!!)! I have so many things I need to do in my studio at the moment. I really want to make a big load of jewellery so that I have a decent stock. My studio has enough space that I can display all of my work but when I need to restock a gallery of something I end up using that stock. I have a bit of backup stock but it's always the things I don't have that sell! I seem to keep starting things but not quite seeing them though so I have loads of half completed things lying about everywhere! I keep telling myself that I'll have a day or 2 where I can get these things done but I'll get a commission or something which ends up taking up my time!! Plus my studio is such a mess, I'm sure that it is hampering my progress!

I've asked my baby sister in law to come in and give me a bit of a hand with the crummy jobs, she's only 19 but has been making bits of jewellery with me for about 5 years so I can give her jobs like making clasps and earwires. I can also shout my blog posts out to her to type up too!! Best thing is I can pay her in jewellery as she loves my stuff (at least she says she does lol)!!

I'm feeling all motivated now!! Shame the angry monkey is sleeping upstairs in his cot, I feel like working! Will have to wait till tomorrow, what's the betting I can't be arsed then!!!!

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