Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Grr I just did a nice long post and then lost the lot! Blummin laptop, I think I press keys by mistake cus it's quite diddy and I tend to get a bit erratic when touch typing!!!

Anyway a condensed version of what I wrote just now is that I have been soooo busy these last few months with shows, stocking galleries and doing online orders that I have barely had time to get enough jewellery made let alone do and postings!!!

I have made a few new bits, though they are more variations of older bits!! I've also had a go at doing my own pics as my new laptop has a better screen than my old pc and showed my how pants the pics on my site are (ones that I paid a fortune for no less!). I got a slate place setting in the sale at m&s for 25p last year thinking it would be good for pics, it then got stashed away and never used along with the light tent that was gathering dust!! I dragged them out a couple of weeks ago and snapped some pics and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I stuck them onto my nothonthehighstreet shop ( first as that is my busiest site and it's much easier to update! I'm hoping to do my site tomorrow.

The pic is of my mini silver daisy pendant I love it it's so cute! I'm starting a little girls range of jewellery. I have a niece who is 31/2 (going on 40 I think!) I took some bits over to her to see what she liked and let her keep her fav (free advertising when she wears it to parties!!). I recently did her a mini version of a cuff bracelet (see pic) but made it nice and girly with flowers and hearts on the beads. She loves it and it looks lush on her!

Anyway I'm going to upload the pics and then I have to go check the little man who is hopefully napping!

I promise to post more regularly, I should be getting a decent internet connection in my studio so I will hopefully be able to post from there!!! xx


  1. Hi Lucy, Just to say I bought a cuff bracelet from you at Royal Cornwall, not this year but last and I have worn it loads it is so lovely- so pleased to find youe website- cool blog too!
    Love your jewllery!

  2. Thanks Kellie, glad you like it! I love the pictures on your blog!! I wish I was in one of them right now!! Don't mind which as they all look so peacefull!

    Thanks Caz, I'm glad you still wear your cuff! I've been a bit lazy making them at the moment, really need to get my a into g and get some done!!